jae angel (bleeding_luv) wrote in oth_ratings,
jae angel

When the Stars go Blue


Name: Jae Angel
Nickname: Jae

Hobbies: writing,drawing,singing
Likes: books,movies,astrology,music,mythology
Dislikes: perverts,rapists,overly rude people
opinionated,charming, caring,observant
Weaknesses: over acheiver, reserved, sensitive

List 5 adjectives to describe yourself: creative, headstrong, bright, witty, nurturing


Food: macoroni & cheese
Book: Emma & Pride and Prejudice
Animal: butterfly
Movies: Pride & Prejudice,Marie Antoinette ,Memoirs of a Geisha
Music: Cristina Agulara,Celine Dion,Evanescence
Sports: baseball

This or That

Leader or Follower: Leader
Optimistic or Pessimistic: pessimistic towards myself,optimistic for others
Pleasure or Sacrifice: both
Confident or Shy: shy
Kind or Selfish: both
Introverted or Extroverted: introverted

Random Questions

If you were at a party, would you be:  D

a) Partying it up
b) Talking to some friends off to the side
c) Ready to leave anytime
d) At home instead

How do you feel about love? Unless your willing to compromise it doesn't matter how much you love some one with out respect & compromise it'll fail.

What is your relationship with your family like? strained but loving 

Describe your group of friends & your role in the group (comic relief, leader, complainer, etc.): We're a bunch of supportive fangirl who are used to being social outcasts. I tend to be the shoulder to cry on & comic relief.I'm the therapist

Post a few pictures of yourself or give a very detailed description of what you look like: brown hair & eyes,5'3,chubby
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