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nikka aquino

When the Stars go Blue


Nickname:Neeks, nikker, co-workers call me nikkalicious

Hobbies:. lots of reading, photoshop, writing, listening to music, going to the movies, shopping, cheerleading, more reading and writing, lots of tv, sewing-kinda and parties.
Likes:. happy people, books, cute boys, watching tv, fashion, journalism, school, cheerleading, magazines, dashboard confessional, gossip girl, one tree hill, twilight
Dislikes: . deathly afraid of cows, seriously.
Strengths:. good listener, very much a people's person, unconditional love for friends.
Weaknesses: . giving advices.

List 5 adjectives to describe yourself:
happy, sincere, emotional, outgoing, big-dreamer.


Food: Apple-pie crumble ice cream
Book: New Moon- Stephenie Meyer
Animal: dogs?
Movies: I really love sad, emotional love story movies.
Music: Rock, Slow jams. DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL ♥
Sports: Cheerleading is a sport.

This or That

Leader or Follower: Leader
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Very optimistic
Pleasure or Sacrifice: I tend to sacrifice
Confident or Shy: Confident
Kind or Selfish: sometimes selfish
Introverted or Extroverted: extroverted. However, I like time alone from time to time.

Random Questions

If you were at a party, would you be: deffff partying it up.

a) Partying it up
b) Talking to some friends off to the side
c) Ready to leave anytime
d) At home instead</b>

How do you feel about love? I sometimes just view love as a deal that comes with pain and sacrifice but I know it's a beautiful thing.

What is your relationship with your family like? I love my mom and my dad, but I'd never tell them that.

Describe your group of friends & your role in the group (comic relief, leader, complainer, etc.): I'm always the "c'mon let's do something" girl. And I have friends from different groups and overtime that I've tried to hang out with them together, I've learned that sometimes, you can't force different personalities together.


Post a few pictures of yourself or give a very detailed description of what you look like:

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