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When The Stars Go Blue..


Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Liz
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Hobbies: Shopping, Writing, Reading, Art (Photography), Listening to Music, Dance
Likes: Fashion, Beauty, Magazines, Literature, History, Art, Music, Films (especially the classics), Travel, Winter
Dislikes: Summer (Heat, Insects, Allergies), Discrimination, Arrogance, Immaturity
Strengths: I am caring, loyal, devoted, responsible, reliable, hard-working, mature, polite, easygoing, friendly and ambitious.
Weaknesses: I can be overly-sensitive, too quiet/reserved, and am easily stressed.

List 5 adjectives to describe yourself: Kind, Optimistic, Dedicated, Passionate, Sympathetic


Food: Pasta
Book: The "Shopaholic" Series by Sophie Kinsella
Animal: Penguin
Movies: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Funny Face, Pleasantville, The Notebook, Walk The Line, Casablanca, Gone With The Wind
Music: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and many of the artists featured on One Tree Hill (including Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz!)
Sports: I don't play any - but I enjoy watching Basketball and Soccer.

This or That

Leader or Follower: Leader
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic
Pleasure or Sacrifice: Sacrifice
Confident or Shy: Confident
Kind or Selfish: Kind
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted

Random Questions

If you were at a party, would you be:

a) Partying it up
b) Talking to some friends off to the side ***
c) Ready to leave anytime
d) At home instead

How do you feel about love?
I've never been in love before. I don't feel that I'm quite ready for a relationship yet - my family, friends and school are my priorities. I have no problems with waiting for the right person to come along. :)

What is your relationship with your family like?
Just imagine if Dan and Karen were still together, and you have a fairly good idea about my relationship with my parents. Like Karen, my mom is strong, loving, humorous, hard-working and has made great sacrifices for her children. She is a terrific mother and also my best friend. Like Dan, my dad is irrational, verbally aggressive, forceful, stubborn, unforgiving, a dweller of the past, arrogant and VERY difficult to get along with. We do not have the best relationship.

Describe your group of friends & your role in the group (comic relief, leader, complainer, etc.)
I have a very small group of friends, which I prefer to big cliques full of backstabbing, bad behavior and secrecy. I figure that they would label me as the "smart, reliable friend" or the "peacemaker."


Post up to 6 pictures or yourself or give a very detailed description of what you look like:

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