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One Tree Hill Rating Community

I don't wanna be...

One Tree Hill Ratings
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Welcome to One Tree Hill Ratings, a place where you can apply to see which One Tree Hill tv show character you are most like. The current character list is main characters from the show, in the next few months we will be doing themes where you can get other side characters too.

The fanbase for One Tree Hill has grown huge, so I'm hoping that the people that join will enjoy talking about episodes, cast members, and stuff that's going on. No spoilers please, unless you put them behind a cut that has "***OMG HUGE SPOILERS - DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE HEART PROBLEMS***" as its title. I don't want to get people angry when it comes to this great show.

I hope that everyone can have some fun, maybe some laughs, and very few tears.
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1. Fill out the application
2. The application must be behind a LJ-cut.
3. To show you have read the rules, place "When the Stars Go Blue" as the Subject line.
4. You may vote on other members...even if you have not submitted an application. However, you are not allowed to make a 'One Tree Hill' related post, or participate in the themes unless you are stamped.
5. Voting will last for about a week, unless enough votes are given beforehand.
6. Please do not cheat. If you have a favorite character, try not to mention them your application to sway votes. (Or purposely act like them...be honest!) This community is based on which character you are the most like, not who is your favorite. Save that for the themes!
7. Once you have been stamped, you will be added to the Members List. At that point, you may participate in the themes and can make One Tree Hill related posts. Also, you are allowed to post your stamp on your lj or info page...linking back to this community. (Be sure to upload the image to your own server though!)

The Application (Please copy and paste! Everything has already been done for you, all you need to do is answer the questions and post! Also, its a little on the longer side, but take your time and be honest!)

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1. After you are stamped, please remain active! I've seen so many communities start out well, then decline because members decide not to be active after they have been stamped.
2. When voting, make sure to vote on characters from the list. There are quite a few, so there shouldn't be any trouble finding one or two characters to fit an application!
3. Base your vote on whom YOU feel they most resemble. Do not be a sheep and copy everyone else. (Although, sometimes the character will be obvious and everyone will vote the same.)
4. Don't be rude, please. As soon as you get rude, then I have to be rude, and it becomes a bit spiral of bad.
5. You may make posts about One Tree Hill and anything else relating to the series, but only after you have been stamped.
6. Re-stamping is allowed only ONCE. If you are not happy with your first stamp, please wait at least two weeks before applying for a re-stamp. At that time, be sure to explain why you do not feel the current character suits you, and the members will vote again.
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List of Characters to be stamped as

List of Members and Who they are stamped as

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